Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pinteresting my Workouts

As you know I've been without any real running for 4+ weeks annnnd I'm pretty much losing it. Luckily I have a perfectly normal obsession with Pinterest that I used to run, well... pretty much every aspect of my life. I use it to organize my several closets and pack (think the computer program Share used in Clueless), pull ideas for redecorating and recipes, etc. How do I pull this into running? I use it to gather, store, and rate workouts. From running to gym workouts, I collect everything that looks fun or challenging. Pinterest is a great source to find workouts to change up the same old, same old!

If you aren't following me on pinterest already and would like to, you can find me here!. Although I'm told I bombard most people's facebook feeds when I got on my little pinterest sprees. Woops! Sorry I'm not sorry. I digress...

So how have I used pinterest to organize my workouts? I have 2 boards:

"Workouts to Try" and "Workouts that Work" boards! As I find good workouts (or hear about them and create a pin) I load them into Workouts to try. If I'm feeling like I need something fresh to get my out of bed and into the gym, I"ll go on my board and pull one. If I find they are challenging and I like them I move them to "Workouts that Work" if they don't work-- they get deleted!

My Fav Workouts on Pinterest
I've found a number of workouts that I really like and some of them have kept me from having a complete meltdown during my non-running time. Here are a few of the highlights....

1) Biggest bang for your mileage! I call this the Run/Walk Cal scorch. You really can burn 300-400 cals in 30 minutes.Run 7 MPH for one minute then drop down the speed (4 MPH) and ramp up the incline (to 15) and walk for 3 minutes.
Pump up the Workout!:
-While walking try not to hold the bar at all, leaning forward and really burning those glutes
-Pump up the speed! I like to kick both speed settings up. Moving up the walking speed will really start
burning the cals

2) Everyday Booty Kick! If you have ever woken up early on a Saturday morning and turned on TV you'll have noticed Brazilian Booty! Don't want to pay the "3 low payments of $19.99"? Get the workout right here! Add this workout 3-4 days a week (just a few minutes) and you'll be booty poppin!
Pump up the Workout!:
-Add in a 1-minute plank between sets

3) Little Black Dress Toner! Want to get all those girly muscles nice and toned? This workout will do it. BONUS: You're also working a lot of those running support muscles- Tightening the upper arms for better pumping, Calve burns are always a bonus for running, and lunges should be included in every runners workout.
Pump up the Workout!:
-For the lunges, do jump lunges alternating legs to make it a more cardio workout.
-For alternating shoulder raises: Use a step to get a better calf burn.
-Throw in a set of burpees. Why? WHY NOT?
Get the full workout here!

4) Speed Workout Variation Sticks! I try several types of speedwork for my running in attempt to change things up and keep the muscles guessing. If you get stuck in the same type of speedwork you'll hit a plateau.

A way to avoid doing that is by jotting down various running workouts (organized by type if you're so inclined-- Speedwork, tempos, etc) and pulling the stick right when you're ready to go. Remember to put in those "deadly" workouts that you hate. This will force you to get through it without having to dread it all day.

I know... I know... HOW am I going to get to 100 when I can't run? My upcoming July marathon looks like a no-go but I'm busting my butt in PT to get back to good health so I can get right back to it come August. What's next? I DON'T KNOW!!! In attempts to put out positive energy I would like to plan for a marathon in late August/September. So, I need your help! What marathon should I run in August or September? Some ideas were submitted....
E.T. Marathon
Leading Ladies
PA Grand Canyon Marathon
Other ideas?????

Weigh in- I'd love to hear more ideas. Also... send my knee any spare good mojo you have! :)
"Run to Win" -Meb

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Running (sort of) in Wales!

Pip pip cheerio and alllllll that hob nobbery... from Cardiff, Wales! I'm spending the week doing what finance people do at this week of the year- quarter close! Good times. This is my first time to Wales and I'm pleasantly surprised at how cool it is! It's a small city full of life and I love when the old meets the knew (people, buildings, streets sites, etc) in these kinds of places. Most of all.. I LOVE the FOOD!!! I've had an affair with an entire loaf of potato and rosemary bread for dinner... twice. And each morning I jump out of bed knowing that (once my workout is complete) I'll be able to go down for fresh croissants, brie and fruits. I'm on a serious carbo-load diet for...

... well nothing! Because I'm not running! But you know what? I really don't care. I justify it by telling myself that the more I eat the things I love, the less stressed I am, and less stress leads to less fat retention. It's a fact- look it up! And if you find evidence refuting it, don't tell me or we won't be friends. 

Running Update!
I snuck in 3 sessions of PT before I left for Cardiff. I've been assigned a number of exercises to do while I'm here and I've stuck to it. For those interested in the types of exercises that help an injury like IT band friction syndrome, they are all about stretching and strengthening the inner (mostly) and outer thighs but NOT the quad! Noted...
  • Tensor stretch- a stranding sideway stretch to get the IT band to loostened up
  • Hip adduction Squeeze- inner thigh strengthening either done on a the (good girl) machine or (hotel style) squeezing a pillow between your knees.
  • Hip adduction with resistance band- working the same as above
  • Hip abduction- strengthening exercise to work the outer thigh. These weren't assigned to me but I've done them either with the (bad girl) machine or using the resistance band. 
I'm limited to a "mile- maybe 2" depending on how I feel. I just have to run while I'm here because 1) It's a new country to run in and 2) I can't go much longer on the elliptical! Not to mention, I have some GREAT running views...

I've been running by the "minutes," allowing myself a run as long as I get my exercises all done the day before. I've started with 25 minutes and added a few minutes each day until my kneed hurts then supplement my workout with the elliptical and other gym exercises. I've gotten up to 35 minutes before it starts to hurt. The good news? My hotel has a hot tub! That will certainly help in this rehab process. 

I feel good with the progress made so far. Its a slow process (especially while traveling this week) but my Dr really has me feeling positive about the near future. I'll keep you all posted on the progress but for now I'll leave you with this...

"Run to Win" -Meb