Friday, May 3, 2013

My Sports Punishment and Flying Pig Weekend!!!

WOD as Punishment
You've seen the shirt 'My sport is your sports' punishment.' It's true too. When people ask me about my running, 9 times out of 10 they'll go "UGH! I HATE running... they always made us do it in (insert high school sport)." Since running is my sport, what is my punishment? Crossfit! Or any kind of crazy "WOD"-workout of (the) day- in crossfit language.

On Thursday I did a tough WOD with a couple of guys from work over at a high school. Why a high school you ask? Oh because they have monster truck tires we can flip, stadiums we can run repeatedly, and an itchy turf we can crawl all over with burpees, push-ups, bear crawls, etc. This was the workout we did. It is called "Century." I'm sure you can figure out why...

Pretty much what I look like doing
~Start with 1/2 mile run, then in any order:
~100 yards of tire flips
~3 Sets of stadium bleacher "laps" (6 rows up and down each time)
~100 Burpees (YEAH-- I said One Hundred... don't even get me started)
~100 Yard walking lunge
~100 Yard bear crawl
~100 Pushups
~100 V-Ups
~100 Air squats

This workout took me about 45 minutes in total. Now you may be saying "Stephanie-- Did you vomit?" Very close! You may be also asking "Why would you do this to yourself?" Well it was PUNISHMENT! My speedwork session on Wednesday sucked and I needed to be punished. I didn't have nearly enough to eat and waited until the end of the day to get my workout in. Not only that, but the track I wanted to workout on was being occupied by the high school students that go to that school. Hey now! I pay taxes, not them! I should get dibs :( My "Yassos" I was supposed to do got reduced down to 0.25 mile pick ups. I still got my legs stretched out and moving faster than normal so I'm happy. Next week the Yassos are happening earlier and after a good breakfast.

Post marathon, flying pig hill training, wanna-be speed work, and a Century WOD... I'm freaking exhausted!! I guess I'm officially back in training mode!

Flying Pig Weekend!
This Sunday is the Flying Pig Marathon in my local city, Cincinnati. I'm a big fan of marathons taking over my city and Cincinnati is fully supportive of it. Almost everybody does the half or full at some point so they are understanding when part of downtown/Hyde Park shut down for a day. I've done this race twice before, but I have yet to race it. The first year I didn't train at all (it was my pre-crazy-marathon O' marathon days) and the second I paced a friend. This year I'm pacing a friend in the half, which will split off around mile 10. One of these days I'm going to take on the tough pig course and see how well I can do... maybe next year!

Happy Anniversary!
No I'm not married-- I'm not even dating anybody. Everybody shares their anniversaries between them and their better halves that they devote their lives to. In my case that's my job... so Happy 7 Year Anniversary GE! Annnnd I officially have 0 life. Good job.

May is the start of prime marathon season so this weekend is always chock full of races! What race are you running this weekend?? Good luck to all the racers!!

"Run to Win" -Meb

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